Coarse Fishing Tackle: Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ Float Rod Review

I’ve never liked the terminology that refers to fish other than salmon and trout as “coarse.” There’s absolutely nothing coarse about a battle with a large or determined fish that just happens not to be a salmon or trout! I’ve always been partial to coarse fishing. I’m not exactly sure why, but I do know that I truly enjoy stalking the wide variety of fish species found in this category. For that reason, over the years I’ve collected a good amount of coarse fishing tackle that I’ve chosen mostly because of its all-around usefulness. Here’s some information about a rod I especially favour: the Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ float rod.

Key Features of the Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ Float Rod

As a coarse angler, I’m never sure what fish species I’m likely to meet with. For that reason, my tackle needs to be as versatile as possible. This Hardy rod fits the bill quite nicely. Since I fish in a variety of venues, I need my float rod to have extra length for maximum performance. I’ve also found that a longer rod gives me better control. This Hardy rod delivers plenty of control without any compromise of its other features and functions. Another thing I like about the Marksman float rod is that it’s made from an ultra-high modulus carbon blank. What does that mean? Well, the term “modulus” refers to a rod’s ability to withstand stress. Modulus defines the stiffness-to-weight ratio of the carbon fibres used to make the rod blank. The higher the modulus of the fibre used, the higher the strain rate — resulting in a lighter, more sensitive rod.

More About the Marksman Specialist Float Rod

This is a well-designed four-section rod. I especially appreciate the extra length of this rod when I’m trying to control a float on fast-moving water. It’s also good when fighting deep swims. Another feature I like is the ultra-fast line pick-up on the strike. This is a balanced rod that’s a joy to use. The action is so well designed that I often feel that the rod is an extension of my body. This gives me all the confidence I need when playing a fish at close range. The rod has plenty of extra power in the butt as well, which gives me plenty of control in all phases of the fight. The custom designed anodised aluminium reel seat allows my reel to blend seamlessly with the rod. It also features a screw down hood and aluminium stoppers. Finally, this Marksman float rod comes in a protective Cordura™ tube. Cordura™ is a type of high-performance nylon fabric that is highly resistant to tears and abrasions. It’s used extensively in products like luggage and backpacks, so I’m confident my rod is protected in its Cordura™ bag.

When I’m shopping for coarse fishing tackle, I want to get the best possible value for my money. Hardy products consistently deliver that, and much more. This rod merits a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Source by Tommy Lee Jones