How to Use Powerbait to Catch More Trout

Many anglers would like to know how to use Powerbait to catch trout but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing it, so in this article I will draw upon my quarter of a century or so worth of experience fishing for trout to explain how to use Powerbait to catch this colorful species of fish. The first thing that need to be discussed in terms of the fishing bait known as “Powerbait” is the configuration of Powerbait that is going to be used.

You see, this unique type of trout bait comes in different varieties, shapes, and configurations and it can be difficult to determine which type is going to be the most effective on a particular day fishing. There are three main varieties of Powerbait that can be used effectively when fishing for trout; nuggets, dough style, and extruded shapes. This means that you need to know which variety of Powerbait is best for you and your favorite trout fishing style.

Let’s begin with “nuggets”, which just as the name suggests are “nuggets” of Powerbait which have been pre-formed to make them easier to handle and place onto a fishing hook. While “nuggets” are much easier to handle and keep your fingers from becoming covered with trout bait, they are the most effective when using single fishing hooks such as a salmon egg hook or a set of gang hooks which has 2 single fishing hooks tied in tandem. A nugget is simply hooked onto the hook and you are good to go. If you want to use Powerbait “nuggets” to catch trout your best option is to bottom fish with them.

Next we have dough bait Powerbait, which is bait that has been extruded into a small glass jar for distribution. This dough style trout bait requires the fisherman to stick his or her fingers into the jar of bait and pull out a chunk of bait to mold around their fishing hook (which in many instances is a small treble hook). If the idea of getting your fingers covered with trout bait doesn’t appeal to you a Powerbait press or scoop can be used to scoop and/or mold the bait without ever having to actually touch the bait itself. Using one of these unique devices is also nice because it keeps any “human scents” off of the bait, which are known to cause trout to not bite. The best way to fish with any type of dough style trout bait is by molding it onto a #12 or even #18 treble hook that is rigged on a twelve to twenty four inch leader, and then “still fished”.

Finally we have the extruded shapes. Berkley (the company that manufactures Powerbait) also extrudes this unique trout bait into various shapes that mimic the trouts’ natural prey such as; worms, meal worms, maggots, minnows, and even crayfish. Although these bait appear to be ‘plastic’ they are actually impregnated with trout attracting scents. The best way to use these “extruded ” trout baits is in the flowing water of a river or stream, and to use a technique that is known as drift fishing. Drift fishing is simply allowing your bait to drift naturally with the current of the water that you are fishing and it is a technique that hungry river trout find difficult to resist, especially with the added attractant known as Powerbait.

The bottom line is that if you didn’t know how to use Powerbait to catch trout, now you do and you will be catching your limit in no time.

Source by Trevor Kugler